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TDS Meter Digital Water Tester

TDS Meter Digital Water Tester

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TDS Meter Digital Water Tester 0-9990ppm Drinking Water Quality Analyzer Monitor Filter Rapid Test Aquarium Hydroponics Pools



Measurement range: 0-9990ppm

Error: 2%-3%

Voltage: 3V(4 button batteries)

Size: 25*14*134mm

Weight: 40g


1. power consumption smart chip: higher accuracy, more accurate detection and more stable quality

2. Carry the mini figure with you: check the purity of water quality anytime, anywhere, anytime

3. Titanium alloy probe: more accurate test, higher sensitivity, stronger sensitivity, more accurate test

4.3 seconds quick measurement: fast and accurate, easy to operate and test on the boot

Automatic shutdown in 5.5 minutes: when the instrument is automatically shut down in 5 minutes without any operation, the service life of the battery is prolonged

6. Key lock intelligent memory: press HOLD to lock the after the value is stable

Package Included:

1 * Water Quality Inspection Pen

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